Brazil School Project
Hello, Mr. Mike,

It is with joy that I write with gratitude to the Lord and I have been communicating about the scope of "Ball in School" project.

When we got to school, we were welcomed with the project and the children were very attentive to evangelistic lesson. That is the most important because after they had heard the plan of salvation, twenty of them believed in Christ only in a school. They also were happy when they received the ball in order to play later.

I do not have photos of all the children of this school, have been a total of 380 children. Keep dong this project this year in other schools starting this month even when classes start. May the Lord bless your life and your family every day and increase the love for souls that the Lord Jesus died for them.
Gratefully in Christ,
Carleni Araujo
CEF of Brazil

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Children need the Lord!

Children need the Lord!Please pray for the children of Brazil and the Brazil "Ball in School" project.Pray that teachers and school leaders will also come to Christ as a result of this enormous project CEF of Brazil is undertaking.